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Don’t deal with the mice yourself

Don’t let that cute little face fool you. Like any other insect or pest, mice require a learned process of elimination and control. Don’t be misguided by how “simple” the products on shelves in hardware stores make it look. Removal is a very complicated process that can also be dangerous for homeowners and commercial properties.


Once they find their way into your home or yard, it is important to get them out as soon as possible before they cause extreme damage. Because their front teeth never stop growing, they become non-stop chewing machines to keep them a manageable length. Without constant chewing, their teeth will grow up through the upper roof portion of their mouths causing starvation and death. To satisfy their need to chew and survive, they will chomp their way through anything they can find. Mice can cause a huge amount of environmental degradation and cause severe damage to many parts of your home, attic, yards, storage sheds and vehicles in garages. Unfortunately, much of this damage isn’t visible to you.

We provide honest rodent identification

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