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Why you should get rid of mice asap


Common areas where you may find inside contamination from mice is in utensil drawers, under kitchen sinks, chewed open pet and human food packages in pantries, storage areas or garages and attics where Christmas decorations and seasonal items are stored. Their urine and fecal droppings contaminates these items and you, or a family member may unknowingly handle these infectious items, or a pet may ingest these.


  • Mice can chew through wood beams, eaves and soffits to gain access
  • Short out electrical wires (causing electrical outages and fires and can even set off alarms)
  • Chew through A/C tubing, water pipe protection, (can cause leaks, floods and water damage)
  • Destroy attic and wall insulation
  • Chew through electrical wires in vehicles
  • Holes in heating and cooling ducts
  • Create a health risk through biohazard fecal droppings and urine. (strong pungent odor and toxic)


Mice have very high birth rates and can turn into a breeding ground in a short time. In heavy cases, mice and their offspring’s fecal droppings and urine create a toxic environment. This toxic environment is a health hazard to both humans and pets in a home. When this waste is soaked into wood or drywall it can encourage mold and attract other rats and animals. Over the years, rats and mice have been responsible for spreading serious diseases and illnesses.

Common mistakes in dealing with mice yourself

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