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Our Services

Providing you with more than just eliminating the pest at question.
We help to protect you from ongoing or repeated invasions providing you greater peace of mind.

Structural pest control
we use the most up to date and effective green products as well minimum risk products when necessary to eliminate or control problems in and around your home.

Commercial pest control:
Whether you’re a restaurant, daycare facility, school, or another form of business, APS can customize the right treatment for your business using our very successful IMP approaches to control and maintain your facilities and place of business from unwanted pests.

Pests we treat:
ants, spiders, roaches, wasp, bedbugs, mice, mosquitoes, crickets and many more.

We are experts at eliminating the most difficult of bedbug infestations using our most comprehensive approaches. we use only natural and non-chemical means to eliminate your bedbugs because we care about the impact insecticides can have on your long-term health and wellbeing, especially in such sensitive areas of your home where you rest.

Termites and other wood-destroying pests:
Your home is your most expensive investment and it needs protection from wood-destroying invaders such as termites, carpenter ants, powder post beetles, and carpenter bees. Advance Pest Solutions are experts at treating these problems. We do recommend doing annual inspections to stay on top of these pests by detecting the problem early before it gets out of control.

Rodent Proofing:
The best way to prevent rodents and certain insects from entering your home is to prevent them from entering in the first place. Invite us to do an inspection of your home so we can do a personalized solution to stop rodents from entering your home.

We are certified and reviewed for our professional services

We offer flexible contracts:

One- time service contract:
For those occasional problems where a single treatment is needed, we offer that along with a 30- day follow-up at a discounted fee.

Annual contract:
For those that really dislike pests, we treat the inside and outside of your home to limit the intrusion of unwanted pests. We service your property every two months, six times total for the year. This service covers ants, roaches, mice, spiders, wasp, silverfish, crickets, and many more common home invaders.

Quarterly service contract:
As the seasons change so does the variety of pests that may come around our homes. This plan is a great way to upkeep and prevent invaders from entering your home. This plan is four services per year.

We serve all types of spaces:




More about our commercial services

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We are bed bug specialists:

Bed bugs have made a serious resurgence worldwide and unless you know the nature of this bug, you can’t control them. There is no reason to suffer with bed bug bites every day. We’ll eliminate them in the safest manner using non- toxic essential oils or our one-day heat treatment. We are a member of The International Bed Bug Resource Authority.

The IBBRA leads the field in bed bug education and elimination. We understand this pest inside and out and have educational programs for both Hospitality and Property Management groups to keep bed bug problems down to occurrences and not infestations. Don’t deal with a bed bug problem alone.

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